20 September, 2010

Make Like a Tree, and Get Outta' Here

Next month, the National Wildlife Federation is sponsoring a national fundraising event called Hike and Seek that will be carried out in three cities: Washington D.C., Chicago, and Seattle. As part of the NWF's "Be Out There" initiative, the event is purposed to encourage families to enjoy nature together. NWF describes as "a cross between a nature hike and a scavenger hunt bringing families and friends together in the great outdoors for fresh air and fun". Families will enjoy a hike through a greenspace as well as lessons about nature at various points throughout the park. If you are near the three participating cities, your family can register here. If not, you can download the National Wildlife Foundation's Fall 2010 Outdoor Family Fun Guide here. The guide includes many super ideas to help you and your kids to get out there this autumn. Either way, just make like a tree and get outta here! 

I am not that creative. You have heard that quote before...it came from the 80's film Back to the Future.

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