Welcome to Simplicitas, a blog for families that enjoy learning together. I'm so glad you are here!

From the moment we are born, we are learning. If the world is our classroom, then our families are our first teachers! These early interactions between parents and children form the cornerstone for a lifetime of learning. Best of all, learning together is fun!

Simplicitas follows my own pursuit of lifelong learning and is  a forum to share simple activities for families to do together. I hope you will join me. And don't forget to bring the kids.

About the Author
Kristy is fascinated by learning theory. She has an undergraduate degree in elementary education and  a  graduate degree in adult education. She lives in Miami Beach with her husband, three daughters, and a very rowdy poodle. Kristy likes to SIMPLIFY everything, which means she re-organizes things for fun (laugh if you want to) and just can't get enough of the Arts,visiting new places, or learning something NEW.
Simply Living. Always Learning.Simplicitas!

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