08 October, 2010

Leaf Peepers

Autumn is a great time of year to do leaf rubbings with your kids. If you are new to leaf rubbings, you just grab a few leaves, set them underneath a sheet of paper (cardstock works best), and color the paper with the side of a crayon (crayon wrapper removed). Leaf rubbings can be decorative and educational. The shape of the leaf and the leaf's veins and mid-rib pop out on paper, which makes the parts of the leaf easy to identify for kids.

Go on a walk through your neighborhood and see how many different kinds of leaves you can find. When you get home, lay the leaves out on a table and ask your child to sort them. Point out that there many ways to sort and identify leaves. You can sort them by shape, by the edges, by color, by their position on the stalk (petiole), and many other ways. 
There are small leaves.
There are large leaves.
There are leaves shaped like hearts.
There are leaves shaped like swords.
There are even leaves shaped like heart-shaped swords!

So, take your little one outside in the brisk autumn air and see what kinds of leaves you can find!

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