17 April, 2010

Get Out

As summer approaches, I am going to begin a new monthly segment on Simplicitas titled "Get Out". No, Wait...It's not the "Get Out!" your teenage sister used to scream when you entered her bedroom. It's also not the I don't believe you, so "Get out" variety. It is the get-out-there kind of "Get Out". As in, get off of the sofa. Comb your hair. And go somewhere. In a word, it is my take on family travel.
My family of 5 really enjoys traveling, and we have traveled with our children since they were babies. My husband and I actually began traveling after our children were born, so we can't really imagine traveling without baby wipes, audio books, and melted crayons in our carry on. 
Yes, bringing the kiddos along does require extra preparation, supervision, and patience, however; we have found that our travel experiences are richer because the kids are there. One of my very favorite travel memories is when my 3 year old daughter decided that a London tube, full of rush-hour commuters, was the perfect captive audience to which she could show off  her (pitch-perfect) pigeon imitation (a talent she picked up just strolling around London in her buggy). At the end of her performance, a very staid banker asked her if she "could do any other birds". When you travel with your children, you end up interacting with the people around you. You just can't help it!
You don't have to go across an ocean or quit your job to travel with kids. If family travel is new to you, begin with a local destination or a day trip. Visit a farm outside of your city's limits, take a ferry ride, or spend an afternoon in an unfamiliar part of town. Whatever you do, Get Out!

A great place to begin your wandering is by visiting some really great family travel blogs.  Backpack to Buggy, On the Go with Amy, Six in the World, Soul Travelers 3,and Travel and Travails are a few of my favorites.

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