06 August, 2010


 This week, my kids, their grandparents, and I spent an afternoon with the ducks. 

Ducks are noisy. They are pushy.They will step on your feet. (Not to mention they are constantly doing the other thing that gets onto the bottom of your feet) These guys will quack at you, follow you relentlessly, and peck the face off of their mate for a moldy crouton. Ducks are great fun to observe!

Observation takes time, but oh man, you can learn an awful lot by watching something carefully. It occurred to me today that an afternoon at the duck pond is not just a pleasant outing with the kids. It is an ornithology lesson!

I should know this already, but sometimes I forget. I don't need to follow a textbook, set learning outcomes, and check out every book at the library on a certain topic a week in advance for the kids to learn something.

Learning will happen. Naturally. Sometimes, I just have to get out of the way.

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