02 August, 2010

A Barrel of Fun

 Apartment Therapy's kid site Ohdeedoh included our family's recent vineyard visit in their Adventures and Outings segment today. Click here to check out.
While we were on holiday in southwest France this summer, my husband suggested that we visit a vineyard. I thought that sounded lovely. For honeymooners. Or retirees. Or anybody else who was not vacationing with their three wiggly children. 

He got his way. Mostly because he made the reservation when I was unaware that he was doing so. But I'm really glad that he did. The tourism office in Bordeaux set up a tour for us at a vineyard in St. Emilion that (the woman assured us) welcomed children. 

The Franc Mayne Vineyard was verdant and beautiful.They had a koi pond that nobody fell into. The tour was interesting. For everybody. Do you know that French winemakers are absolutely not allowed to use sprinklers? And the kids did not even burst open the barrels. (That was what I was worried about. Reddish-purple juice spewing everywhere)

After the vineyard tour, we walked around the picturesque town of St. Emilion, which was also surprisingly kid-friendly. At the tourist office, they even offered the children a puzzle to learn about some of the town's interesting places. 

O.K. So I was wrong and my husband was...right. There I said it. It happens sometimes!

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