30 July, 2010


Heracles, the strongest man ever. King Midas and his golden fingers. Narcissus and his handsome reflection. The nine lovely muses. Perseus and ugly Medusa. Jason and his search for woolen gold. Pandora and her curiosity. Persephone, the reticent queen of the underworld.

There is just something captivating about Greek mythology. I love reading it aloud to my girls as much as they enjoy listening to the tales. The myths are wrought with the adventures, mistakes, consequences, despairs, and joys of the heroes and heroines. But for deities, their emotions are very human. Super-human.

Lucky for us, there are many beautifully illustrated children's books based upon the Greek myths. Reading these versions to your little one is a wonderful way to introduce classic literature to him/her. 

I guess you could say that the myths are LARGER THAN LIFE. Which is what makes them such fun to read together.

Here are some of my favorite illustrated versions for children:
D'Aulaires' Book of Greek MythsPandora The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus (Trophy Picture Books)

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