19 February, 2010

I Spy With My Little Eye...

Alphabet + Art = Fun! 
I Spy: An Alphabet in Art, written by Lucy Mickelthwait is a children's book based upon that universal preschool game "I Spy". The author cleverly weaves classic paintings, alphabet letter recognition, and the I-Spy-Something game together. 

Read the book to your little one, and ask them to try to find something in the painting that begins with the letter on that page. A fabulous way to extend the activities in this book is to visit a local art museum with your child and try a little alphabet I-Spy with the paintings there. 
If an art museum is not available to you, try a virtual one:
The National Gallery
Musee du Louvre
Museum of Modern Art

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  1. That book is one of my favourites!