05 February, 2010

Wrapped Around Your Finger

There is lots of twisting in this craft. The shouting is optional.
The supply part is easy. You need telephone wire (stripped down), wire cutters (or sharp scissors), and your index finger
Peel the outer coating off of the telephone wire to reveal the 5 colors of wire inside. 
Using wire cutters, clip the wire into 20 cm. strands.
Twist one wire around your index finger to form a spiral. This forms the body.
Twist a second wire around your index finger to form another spiral, then smash it down. This forms the head.
Twist two more wires around your index finger. This forms the legs.
Twist other wire strands to form arms, feet, and accessories.
Tie the spirals together to create a figure. 
Thank you Todd Oldham for the inspiration for this project. Get a copy of his book Kid Made Modern.
Thank you Unplugyourkids.com for the February unplugged project theme: Spiral.

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