26 February, 2010

Acting Up

This week's literacy activity is intended to get kids to "act up"...in a good way. Read a simple story or board book to your child, and then encourage him/her to act it out. You can create a "stage" in your home and provide a box of "props" including miscellaneous clothes and accessories, as well as items found in the story. A fun way to preserve this activity is to "film" the dramatic play, using a video camera. Your kids will love to watch their acting debut on the big screen!

Story suggestions:
Rapunzel -Brothers Grimm, Zelinsky
Lon Po Po -Young 


  1. Hi Kristy! So nice to meet you and find your blog. I love it!! I'm going to write a quick post about you and link to you on my blog. Love your ideas and your book list. We've read 90% of them. When my 16 year old saw your book list, she said, "you should become friends with that lady!" You can know a person by their choice of books. :)

  2. great idea! I read my children "rapunzel" this afternoon and we acted it out...had SO MUCH FUN! Thank!