23 July, 2010


 We have participated in dozens of family events over the past few years. I am always amazed at the wide variety of free learning opportunities for parents and kids offered in the local community. 

Each month of the year, my calendar is inked with "family days" (i.e. free) offered by museums, theatres, planetariums, parks, libraries, community centers, shops, and movie theatres.

There are so many, we don't get to most of them. But we try. As a mom friend of mine says, "If it's free, it's for me." 

Yesterday was no exception. My kids and I spent the morning cavorting with giant wheeled insects and doing craft projects. O.K. I admit that does sound a little bit weird. 

But, Sarruga has come to town. Sarruga is a troupe from Barcelona that puts on a techno-show in which the performers wheel around on giant insect puppets. As bizarre as it sounds, the kids couldn't get enough of those guys.
The gargantuan venus fly trap that swung around and opened its jaws atop our heads was a crowd favorite.
The local art museum provided supplies and volunteers so that the kids could create their own "insects" to take home.
The kids were even invited to get up close and touch the insects as the performers explained how they operated them.
I never know what these free family events are going to entail. But, we always learn something. Together. And that's what makes it fun.

I encourage you to attend a "family day" activity in your community. You can usually find information on these days on your town's website. Local newspapers, library bulletin boards, and  parents-in-the-know are great resources too. 

What free events do you enjoy in your community?

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