16 July, 2010

Letters in the Sand

I don't get any credit for this week's Learning Together activity. My five year old daughter thought it up all by herself this past weekend. 

We were at the beach. Enjoying a super day swimming with the little fishies. My youngest soon scrambled out of the water due to all of those little fish we were swimming with. They were just a bit too close for comfort for her, so she decided to play in the sand. 

Look, Mommy! She exclaimed a few minutes later. I made the word "the". 
So it was. She was using a broken seashell to form words in the moist sand.

I was impressed. In fact, I was downright pleased. Mostly because she is my child that until very recently doesn't even sit through a picture book. She is the active one. Always on the move. Climbing the walls. 

It has been a challenge for me to teach her to read because reading involves a fair amount of sitting down that. Well, this was different. Reading and writing these words was fun. Because playing in the sand was fun. That's why. 

For today's family learning activity, you need a sandy beach and something with which to "write". A seashell, a stick, a finger. Anything works. Next, write words in the sand. Sight words, short vowel words, names, whatever. Ask your child to read the words with you. Encourage your child to write his/her own words. 

Try it. You'll have fun too. You'll "sea"!

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