07 July, 2010

Run, Bull, Run

The Festival of San Fermin, better known as the "Running of the Bulls", began yesterday in Pamplona (Iruna),Spain. This centuries old event is held from 6 July through 14 July every year. Each morning, hundreds of runners, six bulls, and six steers run down the narrow streets of Pamplona toward the bullring where a bullfight is held each evening.
The festivities begin here at the Casa Consistorial. The mayor makes an announcement, the crowd sings a song, and a firework called chipunazo is set off to signal the beginning of the week-long festival.
The runners wear white shirts and white pants, tied at the waist with bright red scarves.
The bulls and the runners race down a barricaded path on the narrow streets of the city.
The course ends at the bullring Plaza de Toros.
At the end of the day, most of the runners fare much better than the bulls.

Click here for more information on the Festival of San Fermin.

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